With only 2 days to go before recording the voice of Emo at the SAE Institute, I was ready. I was dosed up to the eyeballs with every cold remedy I could lay my hands on. Then late that night I received an email saying the voice of Proog had pulled out and the project was going on the back burner!

That was until I stepped forward and offered to cover both characters.

The morning of the 9th of March came round and I hopped in the car to make my way up to Oxford. With minutes to spare (thanks to the M25) I turned the corner and arrived at the prestigious Oxford campus of the SAE Institute.

I was met by Julia and Abdul, two of the universities Audio Engineering students who were working on the project together. A quick tour followed by a run down of both characters and we were live.

Unlike many jobs before, the animation had already been finished (Blender opensource project)  and I would be recording ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement). ADR uses a series of beeps to guide the actor in to dub over the original animations mouth movements and audio.

After 4 hours in the studio, and 2 very interesting characters it was time to call it a wrap.

I can’t wait to see the finished product and wish Julia and Abdul all the best with their studies and look forward to crossing paths in the future.