Good morning and welcome to my first post of the New Year and also the all new website!

So, this last year has been one hell of a ride, in short: met my soul mate, quit my day job, flew to LA, got robbed, came home, flew to Kefalonia, came home, returned to day job, got engaged, moved in together, flew to Vegas, got married, found out we’re expecting, came home, left my day job and that sort of brings us all up to where I am today.

Building up the courage to leave the rat race takes time, but in doing so this has finally given me the time and motivation to push myself further and harder than ever before in doing something I love, Voice Acting.

Over the next few weeks I will start to document the design and build of the Studio and Voice Over Booth with regular updates as the build goes on.

So stick around, join in and enjoy the ride.

Until next time.