Born in ’85 and raised in the South of England, from a young age Jas (Jace) was fascinated by the production and concept of animation, cartoons and films. Unlike most kids, Jas wasn’t content with just sitting back and watching, so with some sweet talking, he managed to persuade his father to let him use his Panasonic VHS (that’s right VHS) broadcast camera and with that, the crude claymation started.

Fast forward 20+ years and Jas is still producing video content for his automotive website DownShift and Youtube channel, namely his Big Screen Proposal film which was shown in front of a packed cinema audience and unsuspecting girlfriend in October last year.

Ever since appearing on BBC Radio 1’s The Matt Edmondson Show, Jas knew his future was in Voice Acting, and with that attended the Ultra Voice Masterclass hosted by the legendary VO duo, Peter Dickson (X Factor, E4 etc) and Tanya Rich (Philips & various radio ads etc).

With the guidance of his mentors Jas has gone on to record pieces for online shorts, games, commentating for the BHP Show at Lydden Hill as well as appearing on a range of radio shows including Uckfield FM, Meridian Motoring and BBC Radio Sussex.

Based just outside Gatwick, West Sussex, Jas has great travel links direct to London and across the country, so if you need a Voice, and you don’t know who to call, then maybe its time to call in the Jas team…



Proog (Voice) – Elephants Dream – Animated Short – March 2017

Emo (Voice) – Elephants Dream – Animated Short – March 2017

Jerry (Voice) – Goof and Grump – Animated Short – March 2017

Gerald (Voice) – Goof and Grump – Animated Short – March 2017

Angry Man (Actor) – TBC – Advert – May 2017